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Amon is an VERY knowledgeable man who knew Aang personally.

Ok here it is. I believe I have a plausible Amon identity theory that fits with everything that we have seen thus far. I have deducted my theory from several general ideas:

  1. The writers have shown that they are great at storytelling. Most scenes in LOK and TLA are enriched with information and subtle nuisances that you may not always catch on the first watch.
  2. I also believe the writers take in account the fandom, and want to please a majority of the already smart Avatar fans, as well as the newer fans. Doing so, eliminates Amon being anybody or anybodies’ relatives from the previous show. If they were to do so, that would in fact go against what I believe the writers are trying to produce. That is, a show that has its roots from the original, but will ultimately live on its on. They have already done enough with bridging the two series  together: 
    1. Old character from TLA (Katara)
    2. Descendants: Tenzin and Lin
    3. Statues and monuments.
    4. Progression of bending/ More prevalent specialized bending: (Lighting, Metal, Bloodbending, Chi-blocking, etc)
    5. General knowledge (World History) of the last series by the characters in LOK
    6. Flashbacks with the old characters in their older ages.
    7. Running gags from the TLA (Cabbage Merchant turned into a large corporation, (even he has a statue.))

If they do any more bridging it will be the occasional statue, a flashback, and more running gags…and maybe bridging that involves my theory.

  1. So now here is my story reason as to who Amon is. Amon is in fact a person who has close ties with Aang. He knew Aang, and probably knows Tenzin very well. In fact Tenzin gave us a clue that he may have a idea who Amon really is. If you remember after Korra told Tenzin that Amon took benders bending away he said that’s impossible, but then quickly recanted and gave the “side eye” as to tell us that he knew more than he was leading on. Clue#1 I believe Tenzin’s side eye told us that he may have always known that there is a way to take away someone’s bending . Better yet he may in that instant had a clue to who Amon could be. Why he is keeping it secret is still a mystery, but I believe it will be answered in Skelton’s in the closet.
  2. Amon has been taking bending away from benders who use their bending to oppress bending. You can even make a case against this for the Metalbending Cops. He may have saw them as oppressors as well. To me, this is a sign that he feels he is doing justice, and not harm. This is not to say that he has now felt the power and control he has amassed, and not is bent on world domination.Clue#2 Because of the aforementioned idea, I believe Amon was at one point on the path of good, but saw the world for what it was became a cynic.
  3.  Amon’s abilities have been shown to be at the highest of highs. Although we don’t know for sure what he is actually doing to these benders. I would like to speculate that he has developed a advanced understanding of the chakras, chi-blocking, and meditation.Clue#3 He would have had to studied under a master. I believe that master to be Aang.  I think now you may see were I’m going with this.
  4. When seeing Amon in battle, he is always aware of his surroundings, and very balance, calm. Quick on his feet, Agile even…Almost like he moves like an Airbending. Mix that with Chi-blocking and you got a nimble SOB. Clue#4 This fact lets me further speculate that he studied under Aang as an AIR ACOCLYTE.
  5. Now on to who this Amon is in the big picture. Korra was having flashbacks everytime she had dealing with Amon, not Tarllock. Tenzin told her that Aang may be trying to contact her, and tell her something that pertains to the situation she is in. She figured out Tarrlock was Yakones son, but that could not be what Aang was trying to tell her because the previous flashbacks occurred with Amon conflicts. Clue#5 Aang was trying to tell her who Amon was, not who Tarrlock was.
  6. Finally Amon is a great public speaker. He is charismatic. He knows people in high places (Sato). He knows intimately the enter workings of Republic city. Clue#6 A speculation again, but Amon was once a government official. He was in fact a councilmen. The very same councilman that was sitting next to Sokka in the flashback.
  7. This councilman was kept in the background of the flashback to steer us away from him, but all the evidence points to him.
    1. I believe him and Tenzin studied under Aang but not at the same time. I do believe he was around 10 to 15 year older than Tenzin which would put him at about 20 or so while on the council and 60 or so now. That would make him a young council member but there may not have been many airbenders to choose form. Since he was an air acolyte, this is how Amon has airbending like agility.
    2. From  Aangs teachings, he may have gained advanced knowledge of Chakras, Chi, and meditation. All important tools to do what knows how to do now.
    3. He knows the history of the world very well from the many lessons from Aang, probably got to be good friends with Sokka, Toph and the rest of the gang because he may have been one of Aang’s first acolytes.
    4. Amon may infact be Bumi because my theories, to a certain extent, support him being Amon as well. But because of how I feel about the writer’s intentions, I can’t believe this.

So they you have it! Amon is the first Air Nomad councilmen turned rogue on the city, and is hell bent on eliminating all of the benders because he believes, in his skewed reality, that’s what Aang would have wanted. Maybe during the Yakone trial is when he decided to do everything in his power to control benders by creating more laws regulating it. He first tried to do it the right way, through the council. But in during so, he may have hit roadblocks similar to what Tenzin is going through now. The other councilmen/women may have not taking him seriously because of his age.  He retires only to go underground to become Amon. 

The firebender scarring his face may still be true, but maybe he is exaggerating the scarred face. His family may have be killed by fire benders. Orphaned, Aang took him in. maybe at the request of Zuko.

My main point being it is possible with this theory that Amon knows a lot about bending and its properties because he studied under Aang and throughout that time probably met everybody from the TLA ie Suki, Tylee, Toph, Sokka, Katara, Mai, even maybe Iroh. He could have picked up a immense amount of knowledge from all of them being that they are worldy masters of the art of bending and Chi.

Thanks for reading all of that. It a doosy I know. I will love some feedback on this.  Thanks. just follow the Reddit link below.